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4 Tips for Driving in the Rain

driving in the rainDuring the winter, we tend to get more rain as cold fronts move through the area. Driving in the rain can be incredibly dangerous. In fact, many fatal car accidents occur due to bad driving conditions coupled with negligent driving. You can lower your risk of being injured in a car accident if you drive safely. Joe Lucé always wants our clients to be as safe as possible when on the road, so here are a few simple rules you can follow for safe driving in the rain.

1. Reasonable Speed

You don’t want to drive way too fast or too slow. Drive a little below the speed limit and adjust your speed based on your visibility. Driving too fast can cause your car to lose traction on the road and hydroplane. Too slow and you risk being hit by faster driving vehicles on the road.

2. Tire Maintenance

One of the keys to driving safe in the rain comes way before the bad weather hits. Make sure your tires have enough tread to drive safely in the rain. Check your tires before you drive and if you aren’t sure about their condition, make a stop at your local mechanic.

3. Be Visible

If you are driving in the rain, you want to be visible to other drivers. This includes putting on your headlights, even if it isn’t dark. This will let other cars know of your position on the road. This is especially needed if you are going on the highway, where rain is kicked up into a blinding mist.

4. Be Aware

Driving in the rain takes more focus than driving in optimal weather. Make sure you free yourself from distractions while driving through bad weather. Put your cell phone away, don’t mess with the radio, and keep both hands on the wheel.

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