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Adoption Process in Texas

Adoption Process McKinney, TXIf you have thought about going through the adoption process in Texas, it is important to understand it in detail. Adoption is an incredibly rewarding process but it is also complicated and costly. Here is a brief overview of the adoption process and what you can expect.

Adoption Eligibility

There are some specific things that you must be able to fulfill to be eligible to adopt. These include:

  • Be over 21 years of age
  • Fill out a long application
  • Provide references
  • Submit to a criminal history check
  • Willing to complete a home study
  • Attend child classes

Choose an Agency

You can either adopt children through the Department of Family and Protective Services, or a private adoption agency. If you have certain parameters (such as a young child, or closed adoption) then it may be best to go with a private agency who can find families meeting that criteria.

Take a PRIDE Class

You will need to register for and attend a Parent Resource Information Development Education (PRIDE) class. PRIDE is a training class ran by the Child Protective Services (CPS) and is required of all adoptive parents. The class will go over important things to consider with a child being adopted. These include: loss and grief, child attachment, and the affects of adopting on a family. To register, call the Metropolitan One Church One Child of Texas, Inc. at (713) 988-2658.

Hire an Attorney

Once you have found a child that you feel will fit into your family, you need to hire an experienced adoption attorney to help make everything final. Your attorney will walk you through all the necessary paperwork. Then you will attend an adoption hearing in which the judge will make the adoption official. Afterwards, ensure that you have your child’s birth certificate reissued, reflecting the change.

If you need help with an adoption, contact the adoption attorneys at Lucé Law, PC online or call (972) 632-1300 right now. They would be happy to assist you in this incredibly rewarding path.

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