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Complete Adoption Guide for Aspiring Future Parents

Adoption Guide for ParentsThe adoption process for bringing a child into a family can be complicated and time consuming. In fact, many future parents spend years getting ready for an adoption in Texas. At the offices of Lucé Law, McKinney adoption attorneys help prospective parents understand how the process works in the state of Texas and assist in the building of lifelong families. Use this guide to help you.

First Steps

The first steps in the process of adoption in the state of Texas involve many meetings, the first of which is a meeting with the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services. A representative of the agency informs future parents of the state’s adoption requirements and answers any questions that they might have.


The the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services next performs an assessment of the prospective parents. This includes background checks, financial analyses, and age verifications. The parents must then complete a state-required training class called the Parent Resource Information Development Education, which includes instruction on the basics of child development, family transitions, and problems that might develop during the adoption process.

The state of Texas will then complete one of the most important parts of the process: a home study that checks for possible safety hazards and perform an in-depth social assessment of the family. Social issues including physical and mental health history, family history, income, ability to parent, and general lifestyle will be discussed.


The state helps find possible matches of children to a family. The prospective parents may be given child profiles or the opportunity to meet children awaiting adoption. Once a child and parents are matched, legal paperwork is filed with the court system to finalize the legal adoption. This part of the process often takes the longest to complete.

Get Help with Your Adoption

The attorneys at Lucé Law, PC have helped many families through the process of adopting a child in the state of Texas. Call today at (972) 632-1300 or contact us online to learn more about adoption services and how you can begin the process of growing your family through adoption.

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