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Bus Driver, 6 Children Hospitalized After Crash

Early Tuesday morning, while on their regular commute, a school bus filled with young children crashed after the driver suffered a medical emergency. The accident occurred just after 8 a.m. on a service road along Central Expressway near Virginia Parkway. The driver and six of the eight children aboard the bus were taken to a nearby hospital with no significant injuries. It is unclear what type of medical emergency the driver suffered from, however.

The bus was en route to Lawson Elementary School, according to nearby sources. As of now, everyone is safe and sound, albeit slightly frightened of the morning commute.

McKinney school bus accident injuries
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Auto Accidents

Being involved in an accident is bad enough, but it’s likely worse for a child. The situation is already confusing for an adult. Imagine being too young even to drive. While this incident turned out quite well, all things considered, that’s not always the case.

If you or your child have been injured in a car accident, seek medical attention promptly. Then, once you’re settled and cared for, speak with a local accident attorney. We’re thoroughly trained to handle vehicular accidents and insurance companies.

Personal Injury

If your child was injured in an accident while riding a school bus, the school might be at fault for the incident. They must provide adequate safety measures for children in their care. If that’s not the case, you have a legal right to seek compensation for your damages, including any injuries, pain and suffering, or loss of property.

Most don’t have the right mindset after an accident, though. Seek legal help to ensure your claim is filed correctly with the insurance companies. One mistake could lose you the case!

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Personal Injury

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Slip and Fall Injuries

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Auto Accidents

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