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Today’s educational landscape has radically changed over the last few years. Not only do educational institutions deal with issues of tenure, dismissal and other personnel issues, but there are also concerns regarding freedom of speech and freedom of religion. Whenever a contractual dispute or other controversy arises, it’s time to have a highly skilled education law attorney defending your interests.

McKinney Education Law

McKinney-Based Education Law Attorney Services

Lucé Law, PC has the ability to meet the unique legal needs of public, private, and parochial secondary schools, colleges, and universities. “Education law” or the term “school law” are the terms given to the branch of civil law covering laws and regulations that govern our federal and state education institutions, including administration and operation, athletics, instructional methods and materials and school discipline. This area of our practice also includes faculty, staff, and student issues, as well as discrimination on the basis of race, color, nationality, sex, or a disability which would be a violation of the Equal Educational Opportunities Act, Title IX of the Federal Education Amendments of 1972, the Individuals with Disabilities in Education Act, and the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Lucé Law, PC attorneys recognize that clients in the educational sector require much of the legal services that similar size companies do. Employment law, contracts, torts and premises liability, financial transactions, and real estate acquisitions, are examples. Unlike a for-profit business, the educational institutions we service do have competing interests that affect the way our lawyers approach solutions. We must carefully weigh the interests of the student, the teacher, and the trustee while developing an effective response that is compliant with an institution’s mission and goals.

Legal Services Covering a Range of Educational Challenges

Our legal team consists of attorneys with various backgrounds and broad experience. Litigation members can defend on matters including hazing, sexual assaults, racial discrimination, premises liability, wrongful terminations, fiduciary breaches, personal injuries, defamation and special education claims. Our team will represent schools in state and federal courts or before regulatory bodies concerning claims that involve hiring practices, discrimination, wrongful discharge, and violations of the Americans with Disabilities Act. Our corporate legal team will also address finance issues, real estate and transactional services.

Our education attorneys have successfully litigated many cases in the field of education law. No matter if your institution is defending against a grievance, a contractual dispute or even something as serious as a lawsuit; you will have an attorney that takes all of the factors into consideration in order to best defend your position. We provide diligent and experienced legal counsel for all institutions from universities to private schools and public schools.

Our Education Law Practice Areas Include:

  • Tenure
  • Promotion
  • Dismissal
  • Personnel
  • Contract Disputes
  • Policy Administration
  • Board Meeting Representation
  • Compliance Administration Programs, Including Student Loan Compliance
  • Texas Open Meetings Act and Public Information Act Matters
  • Government and Legislative Affairs

Common Questions About Education Law

Yes. Our education lawyers draft policy and procedure documents that are compliant with state and federal laws. We can ensure your institution is compliant with all legal requirements.

Yes. Typically, public schools are subject to more regulations regarding factors like religious freedoms. At Lucé Law, PC, our education attorneys can advise you on your legal rights (depending on the institution) whether you are faculty, staff or a student.

In certain circumstances, someone with tenure may be fired. Examples usually relate to personal conduct, negligence or incompetence. However, before an individual can lose their position, legal procedures must be followed to ensure there is appropriate cause.

Dedicated Education Attorneys for North Texas

If your educational institution faces any of these legal matters, contact an education law attorney in McKinney, TX for a free initial consultation or call us at (972) 632-1300.

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