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Due to the volatile and ever-changing environment of gun laws, it is possible for you to own illegal firearms and not even realize it. For many gun owners, they may inherit a weapon, or have a very old gun, and not even realize it is prohibited until they are facing a slew of charges. Unfortunately, ignorance of the law is not a defense, and it is important that you understand current gun laws and modify your weapons or adjust ownership accordingly. The experienced attorneys at Lucé Law, PC have helped many gun owners with their weapon charges. You have a choice, and it is important you make the right one. Contact our office today to speak to someone immediately about your case.

McKinney Weapons Charges Dismissal

What Weapons Are Illegal to Possess in Texas?

The Texas Code of Criminal Procedure 46.05 lays out which weapons are prohibited and how other weapons could be modified to be illegal. This list is not exhaustive and not meant to be your sole guide to determining legality. If you have a specific question regarding a weapon, you need to talk directly to your attorney. If you are in possession of, manufacture, transport, or repair the following, you could be charged with a third-degree felony:

  • Explosive weapons
  • Machine guns
  • Short-barrel firearm
  • Firearm silencers
  • Brass knuckles
  • Armor-piercing ammunition
  • Chemical dispensing device
  • Zip guns

There are defenses to weapons possession that could either exonerate you or minimize your consequences. You need the right attorney to assist you. Contact us today at (972) 632-1300.

Illegally Discharging a Firearm

Some of the most serious weapon charges are related to illegally discharging a firearm. As a gun owner, you are responsible for the safe operation of your weapon. That includes not firing it in public areas. Depending on where you have illegally discharged your weapon, you can be facing criminal charges that result in jail time.

Charges for Illegally Carrying a Concealed Weapon

In Texas, if you do not have a Concealed Handgun License (CHL), it is illegal to carry a handgun on your person. Of course, you may carry a pistol while on your premises or other property you own (such as a motor vehicle or watercraft).

Carrying a handgun without a or CHL is considered a Class A Misdemeanor. This is punishable by up to one-year in jail and up to a $4,000 fine. If you knowingly carry a handgun on any premises permitted to sell alcoholic beverages, the offense becomes a Third Degree Felony. This is punishable with 2 to 10 years in prison and up to $10,000 in fines. You will need a criminal defense attorney if you are arrested or charged with Unlawful Carrying of a Weapon. If you find yourself in this situation, contact our office immediately at (972) 632-1300.

If you are facing weapons charges, Contact Lucé Law, PC today. Call (972) 632-1300 to discuss your case with our staff.

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