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Critically Injured as Infant, Teen Reunited with McKinney Medical Staff Following Viral Video

A teen was just a baby 17 years ago when he was severely injured in a vehicular crash that took the life of his parents. His four siblings, all of whom were in the car at the time, were also injured. The accident itself took place on November 22, 2000. Since then, the five siblings have fought to move forward. Recently, one posted a viral video pleading for help in finding the hospital staff who treated him so many years ago — particularly one nurse who helped stabilize him after the crash.

Teen Reunited with McKinney Medical Staff Following Viral Video
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After catching wind of the video, NBC 5 aired the viral video, and learned the nurse in question, Dennie Miller, passed away a few years ago due to cancer. However, some of the staff who helped treat the family still work at the hospital, now known as Medical City McKinney.

Last week, the family and nurses came face-to-face via Skype.

“I don’t think you understand the impact that you made on our lives that day. There’s not a Thanksgiving that goes by that we don’t think about you and your family,” said Wendi Gracy, the Emergency Room secretary at the time.

The family hopes to raise money so they may visit the hospital staff in person.

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