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Damages From a Personal Injury Claim

If you are suffering from a personal injury, our attorneys at Lucé Law, PC can help you recover the compensation you deserve in terms of the law. Although every case is a little bit different, there are certain damages that you might be entitled to receive with a personal injury claim. Learn what they are below so that you can determine if you should file a lawsuit.

1 . Medical Expenses

Medical expenses are common after a personal injury, and they can make it difficult on people financially. With a personal injury claim, you can recover the various costs that you have paid out relating to your injury. It is important to understand that if you had a previous injury, those medical costs will not be covered. However, any doctor’s visits, surgery, physical therapy, or other costs relating to the accident can be reimbursed in your settlement.

2. Lost Wages

After a personal injury, many victims miss work. Depending on the severity of their injury, they might be out for a few days or a few months. Missing work is a huge financial burden, and it is important to recover your lost wages in your settlement. You need to have the time to recover from your injuries so you are not stressed about resuming work prematurely. With the right legal help, you will have peace of mind that you can get the money you need to reclaim the wages you have been missing out on.

3. Future Losses

Another damage to recover is any future losses. For example, if you will miss work in the long-term future, then it is important that any possible lost wages in the future be covered in the settlement payout. Also, any future medical expenses should be paid for.

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Personal Injury

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