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Why Hire an Attorney to Review an Insurance Policy

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An insurance policy is an important way for individuals and businesses to manage risk, protect finances and have peace of mind. However, as experienced personal injury attorneys in McKinney, we are often called on to assist with insurance coverage disputes. Insurance policies are long, complex documents, so it is not surprising that disagreements or misunderstandings occur. Fortunately, with the right guidance you can protect yourself in the event of an accident or injury.

Common Reasons for Insurance Litigation and Disputes

From auto accidents and wrongful death to premises and product liability, insurance is an essential component in many aspects of life and business. However, policyholders and insurers frequently find themselves in disagreement.

  • Claim Denials – Insurance companies may deny claims if they believe the policy does not cover the incident.
  • Underpayment of a Claim – Policyholders may feel the payout is insufficient to cover the damages or losses incurred.
  • Coverage Exclusions – When an insurer refuses a claim based on exclusions within the policy that the policyholder was unaware of.
  • Claims Processing Delays – Policyholders may experience unreasonable delays in the processing of their claims.
  • Ambiguous Language – Disputes can occur over the inclusion of vague language within the insurance policy.

We previously discussed the details of Texas insurance claims lawsuits here. And sometimes, avoiding a dispute that arises when dealing with your insurance company is just not possible. But in many cases, getting your attorneys to review the insurance policy can prevent these issues.

Benefits of a Legal Review of an Insurance Policy

Whether you involve an attorney from the start or request a review of an existing policy, there’s much to gain from an insurance policy review.

Understand the Insurance Policy

Both individuals and businesses should understand what they are insured for, and what conditions may apply. Working with an attorney before purchasing a policy can ensure the terms are relevant to your needs – and identify the points of concern that could cause issues down the road.

Identify Risks

Many businesses will require specific types of policies relevant to individual products or premises. Your attorney can identify possible risks that might demand further coverage or amended terms.

Negotiate Better Terms

An attorney experienced in insurance litigation could provide information that would help negotiate better rates. For example, your business may be paying extra for coverage that’s already included in another policy.

Protect Yourself

After purchasing a policy, your attorney can conduct periodic reviews to ensure you are fully protected. In the unfortunate event that legal action is required, you have dedicated litigation attorneys ready to support you.

Insurance Attorney Services in McKinney and Beyond

Lucé Law, PC advises personal and business clients on insurance policies and handles insurance litigation. If you’d like to discuss a personal injury, car accident, business law or civil litigation case, contact our McKinney office today. Call (972) 632-1300 or request a free legal consultation now.

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