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Driver Killed After Crashing Into Prep School In Downtown Dallas

Holiday Season Car AccidentsOn Dec. 20th, at approximately 5:30 a.m. a driver lost control of their car and crashed into Uplift Heights Preparatory School off of Canada Drive in downtown Dallas. The driver was killed due to their car catching on fire. The driver has not yet been identified.

Parents of the students who attend Uplift Heights Preparatory School off of Canada Drive are encouraged to drop their kids off at the gym entrance of the school as opposed to the main entrance. The full damage of the school has yet to released, as police are still investigating the accident.

Car accidents like these can happen at anytime. To avoid accident confrontation practice some of our safe driving tips and tricks.

Driver Safety

There are tons of driver safety rules that can be practiced to ensure a safer driving experience on the road. While you can’t prevent all accidents, practicing safe driving can help eliminate a lot of stress while driving. Some of the most common safe driving rules are:

  • Look for speed limit signs – And try your best to stick to them. A lot of accidents occur because someone was going too fast.
  • Use turn signals – This is the simplest way to warn someone that you’re turning. The sooner you let the driver behind you know, the more time you give them to slow down.
  • Don’t tailgate – Even if you’re running late for an event, try your best to not tailgate. Besides, you’ll be running even later to an event if you rear-end someone off the road. Try to use the three second rule.
    • Three second rule: If you’re driving behind a car, pick an item on the road, like a light pole and count to three, if you reach that item, such as the telephone pole, before you get to three, you’re following the car in front of you too closely.

What To Do After You’ve Been In a Car Accident

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