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Custody Modification and Custody Mediation

One of the toughest issues when dealing with a parental split is how to work out custody (conservatorship). When making a custody and visitation schedule, the court looks at what is in the best interest of the child. Due to the complex nature of custody, it is necessary to have an experienced attorney guide you through the custody process so that you can create a custody schedule that works for everyone.

Child Custody Mediation

Before custody is agreed upon, parents must go through a mediation process where they’re asked to arrange a custody agreement. Again, this is an emotional process and it’s best to avoid emotional conflict in order to better plan your child or children’s future. Once the custody agreement is complete, you should have your attorney look over the agreement no matter if you’re the custodial or non-custodial parent.

Child Custody Modification

The circumstances of your life may change from time to time. Perhaps you’re moving to a new area or your work schedule has significantly changed. Fortunately, custody can be modified in order for parents to better care for their child or children. Regardless of the circumstances, it is very important to have a skilled family law attorney to ensure your children’s well-being.

Maintaining Custody of a Child

When you’re disputing child custody, a single misstep can be easy to make but difficult to reverse. In order to succeed, you must make smart decisions. A solid understanding of child custody and family law is crucial in such legal proceedings.

On the most basic level, in order to effectively maintain custody of a child, you must demonstrate that you are significantly involved in the child’s life. Take an active role in care, development, and discipline. This proves that you are a capable parent. As the child grows older, invest in educational development and extra curricular activities. If the other parent interferes with your involvement, document that resistance. This evidence will be important to the courts.

Child Custody Harassment

The end of a relationship is always difficult. Some former partners have no qualms about ending amicably, and even request to remain friends afterward. More often, and especially when children are involved, the situation becomes confusing and fraught with tension.

If the breakup is not amicable and the other parent begins to harass you and your child over custody, you are well within your rights to hire a lawyer. Harassment can take several forms, including endless phone calls, speaking negatively behind your back, or worse. Don’t sit back and let this happen. Instead, hire an experienced attorney from Lucé Law, PC to help you better handle the situation. You still have rights, and must protect your child. If you have the documentation to support your claims of harassment, bring them to us. We’ll use the proof to ensure you receive full custody for your child.

Experienced Child Custody Lawyers

Child custody cases are almost always emotionally-charged, and can be especially difficult when you’re also dealing with a recent divorce. You may be scared, depressed, and a bit confused over the entire ordeal. Unfortunately, one wrong move now could mean the loss of the custody of your children. You’ll want to remain clear headed and confident in your approach.

This means that you need the help of an experienced attorney from Lucé Law, PC. We understand custody law and can empathize with your current situation. There are several types of custody to consider. For example, sole physical custody ensures that the parent in charge of raising the child makes all decisions. Joint custody means the child resides with one parent, but the other also has visitation rights. Let your attorney know which type of custody you intend to pursue, and we can prepare your case.

 What is Contempt?

Contempt, or contempt of court, occurs fairly frequently in family law proceedings. If the other parent takes you to court for contempt, they are asking the judge to decide whether you’re disobeying the court’s order. To be clear, contempt includes violating parenting time or visitation. A local sheriff or constable will serve you a copy of the other parent’s complaint and a court summons.

Of course, family law can be messy. If the other parent files a fabricated claim of contempt, be sure to write down what really occurred. For example, if the other parent told you that you could keep the child for a weekend, and then changed their mind, detail this information. Such facts can make or break a case of contempt. Should the judge find you in contempt, you may be required to pay the other parent’s lawyer fees, or even allow make-up sessions with the child.

For more information on child custody, contact your attorney for a free initial consultation at (972) 632-1300.

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