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First Steps to Take in a Slip and Fall Injury

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Injury can occur very frequently and can happen just about any time. Slip and fall injuries can be severe, especially for the elderly or very young. There are a few important steps that you need to take after you fall to improve the chances of you being compensated for your damages.

Basics Steps of a Slip and Fall Case

In order to prove a slip and fall case, you have to prove there was negligence. When you slip and fall on someone’s property it does not always mean they were negligent. It must be proven that the property owner kept the sidewalk in an unreasonable condition and they knew or should have known that it was unsafe.

1. Seek Medical Attention

The first step is to get medical attention right away. Even if you feel it is not an emergency, it is still important to be checked by a medical professional as soon as possible. Sometimes injuries are not apparent right away and by the time you discover them, it is too late to file suit. Also, a common personal injury pitfall is not following your doctor’s advice or attending follow-up appointments. Take all medical advice seriously and prioritize your recovery.

2. Report The Incident

Directly after the fall, report it to the landlord, business owner, or if you are at work, follow your specific guidelines for reporting a work accident. Ask for a copy of the report. This report will be important information for your attorney.

3. Take Photos of Where You Fell

Take photos with your cell phone of the area where you fell and sustained your slip and fall injury. Make sure to document if there was anything on the floor that could have caused your fall.

4. Collect Information

Get the contact information of the property or business owner. Obtain names and contact information for any witnesses that were present when you fell.

5. Call an Experienced Attorney

Call an experienced personal injury attorney right away for your slip and fall injury. There are time limitations called “statute of limitations” which limits the time you have to file your lawsuit. It is critical that you consult with an attorney before this time is up. The longer you wait, the more difficult it becomes for you to collect your damages.

After a consultation with a personal injury attorney, the attorney will take several important steps.

  • Assess the strength of the case and determine liability.
  • Collect and analyze all relevant evidence.
  • Calculate the level of damages.
  • Negotiate with the insurance company for compensation.

In most cases, a slip and fall injury will not result in a court trial. However, your attorney may recommend filing a lawsuit if just compensation cannot be negotiated.

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