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Going to The Hospital After Your Car Accident

Going to The Hospital After Your Car AccidentWhen you have been in a car accident, you may feel the extent of your injuries right away. Adrenaline has a way
of blocking pain, at least temporarily. It is important that after a car crash, that you seek medical care and get thoroughly checked out even if you feel ok. The last thing you want to do is to aggravate an existing injury or find an injury years down the line that you can no longer collect compensation for. Here is a bit about what you can expect when you go to the hospital after a car accident.

Inform the Doctors

It is important that you let the physicians know about any existing medical problems that you have that may make any injuries more severe than typical. If you are prone to broken bones, you are on medication that may impact bleeding, or have existing orthopedic problems, inform the doctors. Let them know that you were in a car accident, how severe the accident was, and where you were hit.

Get Checked Thoroughly

It is important that the doctors give you a thorough check to ensure you don’t have any hidden injuries that will show up or worsen over time. Have the doctor write you a final report and provide you with a copy along with your discharge papers.

Save Statements and Receipts

Save any receipts or statements that you receive from the hospital or your insurance company. You will need proof of what you paid or what you owe. Make copies and place the originals in a safe location. This information will be important for your attorney to have.

If you have been involved in a car accident and would like more information on what to do, contact Attorney Joe Lucé at Lucé Law, PC online or call (972) 632-1300 today to schedule your initial consultation.

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