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How to Navigate Probate Challenges in Collin County

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Experience personalized legal care in Collin County, where our compassionate attorneys are dedicated to being your advocate. With an in-depth grasp of the nuances of probate law, we’re not just about legalities – we’re about understanding your unique situation. Access both legal expertise and genuine care as we navigate the probate process together, serving your legal needs and providing peace of mind.

What Is Probate Litigation?

When someone you love passes on, issues can arise among the trustees, executors, heirs, beneficiaries, or third parties. Sometimes these conflicts result in formal claims or contests being filed by or against one or more of those parties, which may include one of the following matters.

  • Trust or will creation disputes.
  • Claims of undue influence.
  • Demand for an accounting of the books and records of trust or estate property.
  • Beneficiaries have not been given an inventory of the trust or estate property.
  • Removal of executors, administrators, or trustees.
  • Distribution of trust or estate property to beneficiaries or heirs.
  • Disputes over the obligations between power of attorney and trustee.
  • Defending against creditor claims on the deceased person’s probate trust property.

When you’re facing these intricate matters, having a knowledgeable, seasoned probate litigation law firm such as Lucé Law, PC can truly make all the difference.

How to Manage Wills, Trusts & Estate Planning

In Texas, upon death, ownership of the property automatically transfers to the deceased person’s heirs-at-law. Of course, the story does not end there. To properly transfer legal title of property or gain access to the decedent’s bank accounts, third parties often require evidence of new ownership.

The time and costs required to implement the multiple procedures and methods varies. Parties often tend to delay seeking competent legal advice concerning issues relating to death due to the emotional toll and perceived costs. However, such delays could result in the loss of certain rights – and cause the costs and time required to implement certain strategies to increase substantially.

How to Deal With Guardianship Litigation

When someone dear to us reaches a point where they can no longer manage their own affairs effectively, it’s a tough spot. This is when the idea of a guardian comes in – someone to handle the big medical and legal decisions. Usually, it’s a family member stepping up and applying for guardianship – but sometimes things become difficult. You might have another family member thinking this action is not necessary, or they could question the applicant’s intentions.

Handling Trust Litigation

When a trustee creates terms in a trust, the goal is to make the document as clear as possible. However, there may be points that will certainly cause questions and concerns. Maybe there’s a hint of someone pulling strings, or the trust’s instructions may feel like they’re written in code. In brief, trust litigation can be complex and stressful. You will want an attorney at your side that can help you navigate through the ins-and-outs of estate law.

Navigating Will Contests

Do you believe that there were suspicious circumstances surrounding the signing of a loved one’s will? To protect your rights as an heir, you need to contest the will with the help of a skilled attorney. Unfortunately, many older individuals can be easily persuaded to change the terms of their will to satisfy a family member or friend with an agenda. Dedicated and loving family members aren’t typically aware of these changes until their loved one passes, and are surprised to discover the loved one was manipulated into changing their estate plan.

Have Confidence in Your Legal Matters with Lucé Law, PC

Please consult with a qualified trust and estate planning attorney/law firm in McKinney, Plano, Frisco, Allen, Collin County or the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex to give you, your loved ones and your family valuable guidance and peace of mind. Call us at (972) 632-1300, or request a free consultation today.

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