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How Paternity Tests Work

paternity tests work mckinney, txPaternity testing provides a highly reliable way to compare the DNA of a father to that of a child in order to confirm the existence of a blood relationship. If you are involved in child custody proceedings, a paternity test can provide important answers for you. The paternity lawyers at Lucé Law, PC can assist you with the procedure involved in requesting a sample of DNA from the father.

Scientific Measurements

Your child has genetic markers from both parents, and the goal of the test is to match the DNA of the child to the other samples. The test is a complex one that involves complicated scientific methods, but the steps are simple:

  1. You provide a DNA sample for yourself and your child in the form of a cheek swab.
  2. A laboratory compares your DNA to that of your child.
  3. When the results show characteristics in your child’s sample that do not match yours, the laboratory proceeds to examine the other DNA sample that you requested.
  4. If the test results from the male match the child’s sample, paternity is confirmed with a 99.9% degree of accuracy.

With guidance from an experienced McKinney lawyer, you can work through the delicate matters that confront you in establishing paternity.

Alternative Basis for Testing

A mouth swab is painless and non-invasive—much easier than other kinds of samples. You can give a blood sample if you prefer, and a sample of your hair that includes the root is also acceptable.

Meet with an Attorney

With confirmed results that establish the paternity of your child, you can rely on the attorneys at Lucé Law, PC to assist you with child custody matters. The use of DNA is widely accepted as an authoritative way to confirm the identity of both parents and to remove all doubt associated with lineage.

Meet with an attorney at Lucé Law, PC to resolve the paternity and custody issues that face you. Call (972) 632-1300 or contact us online today to schedule your free consultation.

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