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How to File a Personal Injury Claim

How to file a personal injury claim.
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Suffering injury or harm due to someone else’s negligence or intentional act can be a traumatic experience. At a time like this, you need the support and guidance of a McKinney personal injury attorney. Around 2.5 million people are injured in U.S. motor vehicle crashes per year, often leading to costly medical bills, loss of income and pain and suffering. If you’re the unfortunate victim of a car accident, workplace injury or similar event, it’s always worth speaking to a personal injury lawyer for advice.

What Are the Main Reasons for Filing a Personal Injury Claim?

If you have been injured in an accident, you may be able to file a personal injury claim and receive compensation for your physical or psychological harm. Some of the most common personal injury cases result from automobile accidents, defective products, or hazardous buildings or structures. Lucé Law, PC can help you win damages to pay for the treatment or rehabilitation you will need to recover from or live with your injuries. The following are several steps to guide you through filing a successful personal injury claim.

1. Remember Your Deadlines

While you do not need to file a claim immediately following the accident, the state’s statute of limitations puts a time limit on the claim. You will need to file the claim within this time limit. After it expires you will no longer be able to make your case.

2. Contact a Personal Injury Lawyer

Once you decide you want to make a claim, you will want to contact a personal injury attorney in McKinney. Your lawyer will give you advice on your case, represent you in court, and give you a better chance of being rewarded with compensation for your monetary losses, physical injuries or psychological repercussions. Your attorney can craft a settlement demand letter outlining the damages you are entitled to.

3. File Your Claim                                                                                                                                                

With the help of your lawyer, you can file a personal injury claim. You should have all the pertinent evidence on hand such as medical records, proof of financial losses, photographs of the accident, and a police report if one was filed. Once you make a legitimate claim, you may have the option to settle or file a lawsuit.

How to File a Successful Personal Injury Claim

To secure the compensation you deserve, your auto accident injury lawyer will need to build a compelling case. This process is significantly easier when the necessary information is readily available. Initially, after an accident make sure you seek medical attention. If possible, you should also collect contact information from witnesses. Finally, document your medical treatment, expenses – and any lost wages. All of this information could prove crucial when your attorney files the personal injury claim.

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If you are considering filing a personal injury claim, make sure to contact Lucé Law, PC. We are experienced personal injury lawyers providing legal guidance and representation for people in McKinney and beyond. Call (972) 632-1300 or request a free legal consultation today.

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