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How An Insurance Company Investigates Your Claim

How an Insurance Company Investigates Your Claim - Joe Knows Law
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Following a serious accident, a person is likely to feel distressed and confused, and in need of medical attention. In that moment your health should be your number one priority, yet in addition, the best time to contact an auto accident injury lawyer is as soon as possible after the accident. A McKinney lawyer can help you avoid the common mistakes that may reduce (or even prevent) compensation, and guide you through the claims process. But what can accident victims expect from an insurance claim?

The Main Stages of an Insurance Claim Investigation

When you have gotten injured in a car accident, you quickly learn that you have to deal with the hassles of insurance companies. Insurance companies do their own investigations when you file a claim, and some of these investigators can be brutal. It is important to understand the process in which an insurance company investigates your accident claim so you can know what to expect.

After You File Your Claim

After you file a claim in the insurance company, they assign an adjuster to your case. It is the adjuster’s job to look at the policy and see what is and is not covered. They may also contact you and the other driver to inquire more about the accident. The insurance adjuster may also talk to witnesses, inspect your car, look at your medical records (with your permission) or even visit the scene of the accident.

Get Advice From a Personal Injury Attorney

Speaking to an adjuster and coping with a claim in the aftermath of an accident can be overwhelming. However, your attorney is there to support you throughout the process. Typically, a personal injury attorney is paid after a successful settlement payout, and is motivated to secure compensation. Take your attorney’s advice, don’t speak to the adjuster immediately after the accident and avoid telling the adjuster any unnecessary details.

Fixing Your Car

To fix your car, your insurance company will initially pay for the repairs and then go after the other driver’s insurance company for payment. You may have to go through an approved auto repair shop or search around for quotes.

Paying Medical Bills

To get reimbursed for your medical bills, it is important that you save every medical bill statement. They may ask you to sign a release form to allow them to see your medical records. You should only do so if your personal injury attorney states it is in your best interest.

Gather Information and Speak to Your Attorney

When the insurance starts an investigation, they will want all the information necessary to complete their research. Sit down and write out the events of the accident, your policy information, and speak with your personal injury attorney before speaking to the adjuster.

Evaluating the Case

After evaluating the case, the insurance company will accept or deny the claim. Insurers could also attempt to pay compensation at a lower amount than you believe adequate. If a claim is unsuccessful or inadequate, a personal injury and wrongful death lawyer will outline all available options, and can continue negotiating for a fair settlement.

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