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What to Know When Choosing a Business Litigation Attorney

Business LitigationWhen you are in the midst of business litigation, you need an attorney you can trust. Your livelihood is at stake and you need an attorney that will fight for you. So choosing the right attorney is crucial to the future of your business. Here are a few things that you need to know when choosing a business litigation attorney.

Make A List

Search around for attorneys in your area that practice business litigation, ask family and friends for referrals, and then scope them out. Make a list of a few that you think may be a good fit for your case.

Look At Local Reputation

When choosing an attorney, you need someone with a solid reputation in the community. Look at reviews that previous clients have given, ask around and see if anyone is familiar with their work. Look at their resume online on a site such as LinkedIn and see their background, volunteer work, etc.

Choose Experience Over Price

One of the biggest assets an attorney has is their knowledge gained from a long career as a business litigator. An experienced attorney not only understands the law inside and out but also has built a network of personal relationships that will only help their clients. While less experienced attorneys may be cheaper, you tend to pay for it later on with less thorough work.

Schedule A Consultation

After you have gone through your list and chosen the business litigation attorneys with the best reputation and experience, it is time to call and schedule a consultation. Consultations typically last around a half hour and give you a chance to explain your case. A good attorney will listen attentively and then propose a legal strategy or suggest a few alternatives. Choose an attorney you will feel will adequately represent you and your business.

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Joe Lucé represents individuals dealing with the repercussions of personal injuries, auto accidents, slip and fall injuries and wrongful death.
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Personal Injury

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Wrongful Death

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Slip and Fall Injuries

Slip and fall accidents occur regularly in commercial buildings, workplaces, stores and malls.

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Auto Accidents

Auto accidents are frequently preventable, with distracted drivers, vehicle malfunctions and other conditions to blame.