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Livestock and Cattle Accident Injury Claim

McKinney Livestock Injuries Lawyer

Farm Animal Accidents Lawyers in McKinney

A recent 15-state summary of farm accidents shows that animals were a factor in about one of every eight injuries reported, and account for just under 100 deaths per year. Injuries identified with livestock include bites, kicks or situations in which the victim gets pinned between the animal and a fixed object.

Livestock such as cattle and horses are large and robust, possessing the potential to cause serious injury. They must not be allowed by their owners to escape onto roads where they can cause an accident or attack or charge a member of the public. Farmworkers are also at risk of injury if their employer does not employ adequate safety measures to provide a safe work environment.

Although most livestock is domesticated and therefore thought to be docile, there are circumstances in which they can become frightened, territorial or aggressive.  During calving season, as cows become more protective of their young, they can become more dangerous. Cattle and horses can become agitated if they feel threatened by dogs or unexpected loud noises. It is essential to take care when walking near livestock with dogs to ensure that they do not alarm other animals or go too close to them. Discharging firearms or fireworks can spook large animals and cause them to be become unpredictable and dangerous, especially to smaller children who may not understand the dangers.

Owners of livestock should ensure that their fields and enclosures have secure fencing and gates so that their animals cannot escape. They should also consider removing cattle from fields fenced only with strands of barbed wire during calving season, pen up all new cattle and mothers divided from calves for a period, as well as displaying warning signs about any animals known to have a hostile temperament.  Warning signs should also be posted if livestock has been known to have escaped onto public roads.

Common types of accidents and injury caused by livestock include:

  • Injuries at work
  • Road traffic accidents
  • Attacks by cattle
  • Infections transmitted to humans

If you or any member of your family have been injured by livestock, call Joe Lucé and his team. Joe will set up a free-of-charge private consultation to help you consider your options and next steps.

What Is a Livestock Injury Lawyer?

Individuals who have livestock on their property are under strict liability to ensure all of their animals are properly contained and penned up. Any passerby, whether they are just walking by or driving in their vehicle, should not have to interact with said animals if the individual is not on the owner’s property. Should someone be injured by an unconfined animal, whether direct injury such as a bite or an indirect injury that may include an automotive accident, the owner of the animal is completely liable for the damages done. This is where a livestock injury lawyer comes into play.

A livestock injury lawyer can handle any case involving an injury caused by livestock that was not contained properly by the owner. You would be surprised to learn exactly how many individuals are injured each year due to an animal escaping its enclosure from a local pasture.

How Much Can I Claim for a Dangerous Livestock Injury?

Many accidents involve livestock escaping from their enclosures every year. These accidents affect not just the farm where the animal originated from and the workers who keep the place running, but also the people residing in the nearby town or city. Common injuries due to livestock include kick injuries, brain damage, lacerations, bites, and spinal injuries. These often lead to lengthy bouts of suffering and rehabilitation, all of which cost quite a bit regarding medical bills.

This is where the claim comes in. You must keep track of all your medical bills, rehabilitation costs, loss of work hours, and anything else about the injury to make a claim. This amount can be covered by the claim, which is likely to be successful. An attorney can help you better understand how much you could potentially receive from your claim. Just keep all of your paperwork.

What Is the First Step to Take After Livestock Accidents?

If you are the unfortunate victim of a livestock accident, there are a few steps you need to take immediately following the incident. The first steps include seeking out medical attention as soon as possible. Be sure to hang onto all of the paperwork involved with your medical treatment, including prescriptions, rehabilitation, and surgery costs. You should also account for the loss of work hours for your claim.

Your next step will be to seek out help from legal representation. A livestock injury attorney can guide you on any confusing matters that may stem from the accident, allowing you to focus your attention on regaining your strength and recovering from the incident. You will need to file the incident with your insurance company, speak with the authorities in some cases, and prepare your paperwork and records. This can all be overwhelming for those who just had a serious accident.

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