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Nail Salon Infection Lawsuit

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There are some reasons why we see so many infections from nail salons. Among them are:

  • The lack of training of employees
  • The lack of sanitation of pedicure and manicure tools
  • The lack of sanitation of foot spas
  • The reuse of single-use items such as nail files and pumice stones
  • The use of sharp tools that can break the skin

While there are numerous bacterial and fungal infections one can contract at a nail salon, one of the most likely and at the same time most dangerous infections a customer could contract is a Staphylococcus infection. Staphylococcus, commonly referred to as staph, is a bacteria strain which under certain circumstances can be fatal to humans. One of the most common complications for those who get staph infections from a nail salon is “scalded skin syndrome.”  This is a severe staph infection in which blisters form on the skin over large areas of the body. Scalded skin syndrome is potentially deadly. It is necessary to treat the infection with intravenous antibiotics as well as while protecting the affected areas of skin from peeling off.

Staph, once introduced under the skin can lodge anywhere as your bloodstream carries it. One of our clients was so infected by the time we saw her that all of the cartilage in her ankle had been eaten away by Staph Aureus. She had to undergo five surgeries including a triple arthrodesis, which meant she had the flexing joint bones in her ankle fused via multiple screws installed to join the bones, making her ankle one stiffened and solid mass of bone. We were able to secure her a very large settlement because the very high-profile salon chain did not want the negative publicity associated with the release of all of the infractions our experts uncovered through the use of a hidden camera on the company.

In at least one instance, it is believed that a staph infection that was contracted at a nail salon triggered a heart attack in one customer. To avoid a potentially deadly infection, make sure that all instruments used during your pedicure or manicure are properly cleaned and disinfected. Since salons sometimes fool customers by putting tools into sterile wrappers as if they were autoclaved when they were not, it is not easy to determine when tools are properly disinfected. From our experience, the best tactic is to bring all of your tools and to take them with you when you depart to avoid the salon using them on another customer. We recorded instances of salon technicians pulling out other customers’ toolkits to use on customers who did not know this was being done.

If you have contracted an infection at a nail salon, it is essential that you contact Joe and his team quickly as possible so we may take all of the steps likely to secure and advance your case. It is important to stay focused on your health, follow your doctor’s orders and we will work with you as you are able.

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