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Product Liability Lawyer Serving McKinney & Surrounding Area

At Joe Know Law, our product liability attorneys represent clients injured by defective or dangerous products. Each year, injuries caused by defective products lead to a great deal of unnecessary pain, stress and monetary losses for McKinney residents. Joe Lucé and his team are committed to securing compensation for anyone let down by retailers, manufacturers and distributors.

Our civil justice system protects consumers with product liability laws against the negligence of product manufacturers and marketers.  The law seeks to protect people from harm by mandating that all products adhere to industry standards such as:

  • Sound design & engineering
  • Safe manufacturing & packaging
  • Accurate marketing & safety warnings

When these industry standards are breached, knowingly or unknowingly, everyday consumers pay the price in the form of severe injuries and, sometimes, even death due to product liability.

Product Liability Attorney McKinney

Product Liability and Insurance Claims Lawsuits

Our McKinney product liability attorneys assist victims injured by faulty products with legal service so that they can file a product liability lawsuit in Texas or at the national level. Through the lawsuit, we seek to obtain the maximum amount of settlement compensation available.

Every product liability lawsuit provides the opportunity to fight to make the marketplace safe for all consumers.  Your case is very important to us, and we help you stand up to the biggest corporations and demand justice for your injuries.

Take a fighting stance. Contact McKinney product liability attorney Joe Lucé.

Product Liability Lawsuit Settlements

When a defective product has caused an injury, you may be in dire financial straits. Having to take time off of work, medical bills, and other expenses can quickly put you in the red. You may feel antsy to get your settlement. Sometimes getting a fair settlement can take some time. For the quickest resolution, you need the help of a strong legal advocate. Your attorney can fight on your behalf to get you fair compensation in a reasonable amount of time. For more information on what a product liability lawsuit settlement can look like for you, contact Attorney Joe Lucé today!

Product Liability Insurance Claims Lawsuits in Texas

Joe’s McKinney law office team represents people engaged in a dispute with their insurance company regarding policy provisions and the validity of their claim. All insurance providers are required, by law, to act in “good faith,” which means they must seriously, fairly, and expeditiously evaluate and compensate a worthy claim.

How Insurance Providers Breach Their Duty to Act in Good Faith

  • Baseless denial of coverage
  • Refusing to investigate a claim
  • Not acting on a claim in a reasonable timeframe
  • Proposing far less compensation than the true value of claim
  • Denying claimant’s negotiation attempts
  • Not disclosing policy limits

Any of these reasons are examples of an insurance company responding to a claim in “bad faith,” and a claimant can assert his or her legal rights to fair treatment. File a lawsuit and demand that your insurance company upholds its contractual obligations.

Joe’s team assists people with a wide variety of claims including fire and flood damage, natural disasters, automobile accidents, and more. Contact your McKinney insurance claim attorneys to discuss your case with our legal team.

When are Products Considered Defective or Dangerous?

Defective and dangerous products cause injuries every year in the United States. That’s why we have laws and regulations in place. The Product Liability Law is a set of rules specifically concerning those responsible for defective and dangerous products. These legislations are different from typical personal injury laws and make it easier for the injured party to receive damages.

Determining whether a product is defective or dangerous is another matter altogether. You must be able to prove the product caused harm or distress. For instance, if you’re using an espresso machine and the unit bursts and causes serious burns to your person, then you’re eligible for damages. Often, when faced with a lawsuit, a manufacturer will recall their products to prevent further cases. You’ll most likely receive compensation from the company or their insurance provider. To determine whether or not you have a product liability case on your hands, talk to an attorney.

Common product liability suits relate to hazardous toys, defective vehicles, dangerous medications or equipment, manufacturing errors and so on.

A lawyer will need to prove the product was dangerous, that a safer option was available to the manufacturers – and that the product was a contributing cause of an injury.

Compensation can cover medical expenses, loss of earnings, property damage and physical and mental suffering. An experienced attorney will need to prove these factors were caused by a defective product.

Let Us Help You Get Justice for Your Product Liability Claim

Call (972) 632-1300 or contact us online for a free legal consultation with product liability attorneys in Texas. Joe’s team represents clients from McKinney, Plano, Frisco, Allen, Ft. Worth, Sherman, and Denison.

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