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Legally Establish Paternity With Paternity Testing

Paternity TestingBecause of a wide variety of circumstances, someone always has a need to legally establish the paternity of a child. There are a number of take-home DNA paternity tests that are relatively accurate, but these tests are not permissible in court. In order to have a child’s father legally established for inheritance purposes, custody issues, child support, or a number of other issues the court must order a paternity test done or you must have one conducted under the regulations expressly set up by the court. Placing your trust in Lucé Law, PC will guarantee your case is handled appropriately and legally.

Letting a Lawyer Handle the Details

The nature of paternity testing makes it a delicate subject requiring attention to detail and also tact. Trusting your suit to us rather than trying to interpret the law yourself can relive some of the stress involved with your situation. If the paternity test is not handled properly, you could face months or years of additional hearings, and delays to your desired outcome.

There are many instances where a speedy paternity hearing make situations much better for all involved. For people needing to establish a genetic link for immigration purposes, adoption, or custody battles, the sooner the case is handled the better. Hiring a McKinney family lawyer from Lucé Law, PC will connect you with the information and help you need to resolve your paternity issue in a timely manner. Call us at (972) 632-1300 or contact us online for an appointment today, and we will review your situation for free with an initial consultation.

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Slip and Fall Injuries

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