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McKinney Collections Litigation Services

Businesses in McKinney and across North Texas may require legal assistance to recover debts. If you are owed money by individuals or businesses, the collections litigation attorneys at Lucé Law, PC can pursue legal channels to gain what is rightfully yours. Debt collection can be a long and difficult process, but our law firm has the experience and tenacity to uphold your legal rights.

McKinney collections litigation lawyer

What Is Collections Litigation?

The simplest way to receive unpaid debts is to speak directly with the debtor. Unfortunately, companies and organizations of all sizes and across many industries face challenges with debt recovery. In many cases, their only option is to work with a law firm like Lucé Law, PC who can litigate to recover the debt. Our collections litigation attorneys understand state and federal law regarding debt collection, litigation and contract law, ensuring businesses receive a fair and timely outcome.

An Overview of the Collections Litigation Process

Debt collection can be a complicated process depending on the cooperation of the debtor, their location and their ability to pay. During a free legal consultation, our attorneys will learn more about your case and develop a custom plan to increase the chances of securing all outstanding debt.

If a debtor is unable or unwilling to pay your business, efforts can be made to find a solution through negotiation, mediation or arbitration. This approach can speed up the process, save money by avoiding court costs and ultimately lead to a debt settlement. However, it may be necessary to bring legal action against a debtor when this process fails to yield results.

Each of the following debt services may be used to assist your business in the collections process.

  • Litigation – We can bring legal action against debtors in Texas, other states or internationally.
  • Pre-judgment collections – Before judgment is obtained, attorneys can use a number of pre-judgment remedies, including sequestration, attachment, garnishment or a writ of injunction.
  • Post-judgment collections – Our attorneys can use garnishment, judgment liens and other processes to pursue any available debtor assets.

Common Questions About Collections Litigation

Our collections litigation attorneys will defend your business in court, using careful scrutiny of the case, knowledge of debt law and courtroom experience.

Our collections harassment attorneys can advise on debt collection rules and ensure the legal process is being followed closely.

We use a number of legal processes to achieve a debt settlement or court judgment. A successful result may lead to funds being taken directly from the debtor’s business.

Collections Litigation Services In McKinney and North Texas

If your business is owed money and attempts at collection have failed, Lucé Law, PC can help. Our collections litigation attorneys will explain your legal rights and work toward a successful resolution. For a free legal consultation, call (972) 632-1300 or request help online.

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