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Product Liability Litigation Attorneys in Collin County

At Lucé Law, PC, we provide product liability litigation services to clients in McKinney and across North Texas. A product liability case involves defective products that were poorly designed or manufactured. Every year, product defects cause significant injuries and even loss of life. If you or a loved one has suffered an injury due to a defective product, our attorneys will work to ensure a fair settlement.

McKinney Product Liability Litigation Attorney

Product Liability Litigation

As consumers, it’s natural to assume the goods we buy and use each day are safe. Unfortunately, manufacturing errors can occur in the design or production stages that lead to harm to the user. As a strict liability state, Texas law holds the defendant liable, whether they were negligent or not. Consequently, when an individual uses a product and an injury results due to a manufacturing, warning or design defect, it is possible to litigate against the responsible party.

Lucé Law, PC advises and represents clients in product liability litigation cases across many sectors. We bring claims against manufacturers, designers and suppliers of motor vehicles, construction equipment, electrical goods, chemicals and many other products. Throughout the legal process, our attorneys work closely with a client, bringing comprehensive research and robust litigation in pursuit of fair compensation.

The Main Types of Product Defects

The rules regarding product liability cases may differ depending on the type of items involved. For example, consumer household products and firearms will be subject to different regulations. Most product liability cases fit into the following three categories.

Design Defects

A defective design case involves identifying a flaw in the design process that results in harm. Product liability litigation attorneys will need to prove that a safer design could have been used at a reasonable cost, and without dramatically limiting the product’s utility.

Manufacturing Defects

A manufacturing defect is usually caused by an issue in the assembly or quality control phase. In these cases, an attorney must prove that this deviation from the product design was responsible for causing injury.

Failure to Provide Adequate Warning

Many products carry an inherent risk within their design. For example, power tools or steam irons may be designed flawlessly, yet can cause injury if used incorrectly. To deal with this risk, manufacturers must provide adequate warnings to ensure consumers understand any danger.

Building Comprehensive Product Liability Claims

Product liability is a complex topic, and when a product is misrepresented or doesn’t do what it promises, it may also include the added dimension of consumer protection litigation. Modern supply chains involve a cross-border network of individuals and companies, covering raw material procurement, design, manufacturing processes and supply to the end user.

The role of your product litigation attorney is to determine where blame lies and build a lawsuit against those legally responsible. This process requires product development and distribution knowledge, access to professionals who can examine the product – and the ability to expertly present this information in legal documents and a courtroom.

What Clients Can Expect From Product Liability Attorneys

Each product liability lawsuit is different and requires a personalized approach. Here are some of the benefits of hiring Lucé Law, PC.

  • Vast experience in handling complex, nuanced product liability cases.
  • Honest and straightforward advice during a free legal consultation.
  • An understanding of consumer goods, the automotive, pharmaceutical and other industries.
  • A network of industry professionals for product-specific analysis and guidance.
  • Strong representation during settlement negotiation and in the courtroom.
  • A commitment to the best interests of our clients.

Common Product Liability Litigation Questions

Common examples of product liability litigation include defective vehicles and auto parts, children’s toys, chemicals and home improvement tools.

If the accident was caused by a defective part, it may be possible to litigate. Cars and other vehicles contain many parts that can be subject to design or manufacturing flaws, including seat belts, tires and airbags.

Defendants may suggest that products were altered by the consumer, that the item was misused, or that there was a reasonable assumption of risk with the purchase of the product.

McKinney-Based Product Liability Litigation Lawyers

For help with product liability and other litigation services, contact Lucé Law, PC today. Our experienced attorneys can advise and represent you in a range of legal matters. For assistance, call (972) 632-1300  or request a free legal consultation.

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