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Living Wills Can Offer Much Peace of Mind

Living Wills McKinney TXLiving wills are documents that explicitly state a person’s medical directives should they find themselves unable to give consent due to terminal illness. Without a living will, important decisions regarding your medical care will fall to your family, who may be unsure of your wishes. It’s something that happens every day, and it can be avoided by hiring a reputable McKinney estate lawyer. Lucé Law, PC has a staff of attorneys who can boast a proven track record in dealing with wills and estate cases.

Living Wills vs. Estate Planning

A living will, otherwise known as an advanced directive, differs from estate planning measures. Estate planning is primarily concerned with the dispersal of your personal estate, while a living will determines your wishes regarding medical treatments once you can no longer give informed consent. Both documents are extremely important to have in place before the onset of a serious illness. Tasking family members with breaking up your estate, or deciding important medical decisions on your behalf, can often lead to much contention and chaos.

The Importance of an Experienced Attorney

An experienced wills and estate attorney can help you make these important decisions before it’s too late. Laws differ from state to state, and even the smallest error can result in a will being inadmissible in a court of law. With the right assistance, you can devise legal documents that will hold up under scrutiny.

Lucé Law, PC has a team of dedicated lawyers with years of experience in dealing with living wills. While many people avoid making these decisions, doing so can afford one peace of mind. Contact us today for more about our living wills and estate planning services at (972) 632-1300.

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