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McKinney Mother Hopes Son’s Accident Encourages Pedestrian Safety

While enjoying an evening with his friends, one young boy at Market Street hopped on his skateboard. Instead of moving to the crosswalk at Ridge Street, he looked both ways and crossed at Eldorado Parkway. This is not the first time the young teen has done this, though. This time, just after dark on November 10, he only made it across the first two lanes of the four-lane roadway.

McKinney Pedestrian Safety
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The Accident

“He does remember the split second before the car hit him, but after that, the only thing he remembered is being loaded into the helicopter,” his mother said.

The SUV that struck the boy was traveling around 45 miles-per-hour, leaving him with some cracked vertebrae, spinal fluid leaks, a partially collapsed lung, several broken ribs, and other internal and external injuries.

The young boy is being considered extremely lucky. 99 percent of accident victims with the same injuries are ultimately paralyzed for life. Not this boy, though. He has started physical recovery, though it may take time to fully walk or skateboard again.

Accident Attorneys

Being involved in an automotive accident that causes considerable damage is a terrifying experience, but it is worse if the accident is caused by negligence. In this case, our young pedestrian was in the wrong for crossing at an incorrect location. Often, however, drivers simply do not pay attention.

If you’ve been injured in a wreck, contact a professional accident attorney after seeking medical help. You’ll want someone experienced on your side to handle the insurance companies, paperwork, and even filing for a lawsuit if circumstances allow for it. Do not go at this alone!

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