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Motorcycle Accident Statistics You Need to Know

Safety Measure for Motorcyclists From a Motorcycle Accident LawyerMotorcycle accident statistics show that thousands of people are killed or injured every year, not only in Texas but all across the United States as well. But dive deeper into these stats and you’ll see many troubling trends. Here are just a few of them.

Motorcycle Accident Statistics Paint a Disturbing Picture

Here are some of the more interesting motorcycle accident statistics that may be surprising.

  • Many people might assume that the majority of accidents involving motorcycles are single-vehicle accidents that occur because a rider was going too fast or committed some other type of error. However, motorcycle accident statistics show that only about 25 percent of them are single-vehicle. The vast majority involve another type of vehicle.
  • In accidents involving multiple vehicles, about 66 percent of them occur due to a car or truck violating the right-of-way of the motorcycle rider.
  • The main cause of motorcycle accidents is the failure of other drivers to see bikers. Either drivers don’t see riders at all, or they see them too late to avoid a collision.
  • The most likely spot for this type of accident is an intersection, and the most likely causes are drivers violating either the rider’s right-of-way, a traffic rule such as running a stop sign or red light, or both.
  • Most accidents occur shortly after a ride begins, and during a short trip such as going to a store, running some other type of errand, or going out to visit friends.
  • A lot of people often assume motorcyclists are to blame for causing accidents because they’re riding too fast. But the average speed of motorcycles at the time of a collision is only about 30 mph. Only .001 percent of accidents occur when a rider is traveling at 86 mph.

Hopefully, you will never be one of these motorcycle accident statistics. But if you or a loved one has been harmed when riding due to the negligence of someone else, get in touch with attorney Joe Lucé as soon as possible. Call (972) 632-1300 or contact us online.

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