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Nail Salons Pose Deadly Threats to Customers

Salon Insurance ClaimsGetting a manicure or a pedicure is a luxurious way to pamper yourself while a stylist decorates your nails. You get to relax and enjoy the experience until you learn that the salon has exposed you to a dangerous infection. Lucé Law, PC is experienced with harmful practices by nail salons that result in personal injury, and he can provide excellent representation for you.

Exposure to Dangerous Infection

Nail salon injuries occur when good practices are not followed. Infection can enter through any opening in your skin, including the cuticle if your technician damages it with a tool. You are exposed to any skin disease that a previous client leaves behind in an environment that is not clean. Your foot spa is a perfect place for germs to thrive when it is not sanitized properly.

Staph infections (Staphylococcus aureus) are some of the most common nail salon infections, stemming from a strain of bacteria found on the skin. The Mayo Clinic reports that potentially deadly consequences resulting from the spread of staph infection in your body, which can attack more than just your skin—vital organs like your heart and lungs can also be affected by staph.

How to Protect Your Health

Poor training and bad work habits at your nail salon create hazardous conditions for you. While you wait for your appointment, make sure that your technician performs these good practices:

  • clears the table of towels, tools, and nail trimmings
  • disposes of emory boards and toe spreaders
  • puts all tools in disinfectant
  • uses tongs to retrieve tools
  • >uses hand sanitizer

You may feel embarrassed to walk out of a salon, but that is what you must do if the salon does not meet your standards. Your health is at risk through exposure to disease.

A reputable nail salon takes responsibility for properly training employees. Technicians need to know how to avoid working on contagious skin conditions, and you need assurance that proper training protects you from nail salon infections. You can learn a lot about protecting yourself by watching your technician work on someone else.

Protecting Yourself When Injured

If you get an infection at your salon, you need a McKinney injury attorney to help you deal with the situation. For the finest legal representation, contact the attorneys at Lucé Law, PC online or by calling (972) 632-1300.

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