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Personal Injury Law for Victims of Drunk Driving

Personal Injury Law and Getting Hit By a Drunk Driver - What Should I Know After the Accident?
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Personal injury attorneys provide legal representation for people injured due to negligent or intentional acts. While personal injury law covers a wide range of cases, drunk driving is one of the most common and unfortunate causes of injury. At Lucé Law, PC we have helped many McKinney area clients injured by drunk drivers. Here are some of the most crucial factors to consider.

What to Do After a Drunk Driving Accident – Personal Injury Law Guidance

An accident can change your life in the blink of an eye. You may be driving around, minding your own business, when a drunk driver slams into your vehicle out of nowhere. The extent of your injuries may be unknown at this time, but they could be severe. If the other driver is clearly at fault, you may file a lawsuit to recover damages for your injuries and vehicle repairs. First, focus on your health. Then, speak with an attorney.

Civil Suits Against Drunk Drivers

After filing a civil suit against another driver, especially a drunk driver, you are hoping to receive compensation for:

A driver who receives a DUI or DWI on their license has little chance of winning a civil lawsuit against them. Even if they are not convicted, there is typically enough evidence from the wreck itself to prove negligence. You are likely to receive a favorable outcome. Anything else is rare.

However, the amount of money you receive may be more than the drunk driver’s insurance limits. If this happens, you must bring a civil suit against the driver.

Consult a Personal Injury Lawyer Before Accepting a Settlement

Your instincts may tell you to take the money and run. Yes, the other driver’s insurance company will offer you a hefty sum to settle. It’s important to know that this is not always the best option.

The insurance company investigates your claim thoroughly before accepting or rejecting a claim. However, the compensation offered won’t always cover the medical fees, loss of income and pain and suffering, and all other elements of damages resulting from the incident.

Furthermore, if you are offered a settlement, you will also be asked to sign a release of liability. This prevents you from any further injury claims regarding the accident.

If the other driver has been convicted of, or has pleaded guilty to, driving under the influence, you’ll have more leverage when seeking a settlement from the insurance company.

Wrongful Death Claims Resulting From Drunk Driving

Sadly, auto accidents caused by drunk drivers sometimes result in the loss of life. If a close family member died due to negligence, it might be possible to secure compensation for your loss. A wrongful death lawyer represents survivors in the pursuit of medical bills, funeral expenses, loss of income, loss of companionship and other types of compensation.

Hire a Personal Injury Attorney in North Texas

Joe Lucé is a McKinney-based personal injury attorney working with clients across the North Texas area. If you have been hit by a drunk driver or have experienced other types of auto accidents or workplace injuries, Lucé Law, PC is here to help. Call (972) 632-1300 or request a free legal consultation today.

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