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McKinney Real Estate Property Transfer Attorney

Transferring ownership of property or land is a daily occurrence in McKinney and across North Texas. Consequently, one of the main roles of a real estate attorney is drafting and executing deeds to facilitate a real estate property transfer. At Lucé Law, PC, we have vast experience in this field and can assist buyers and sellers with effortless real estate transactions.

What Is Real Estate Property Transfer?

McKinney Real Estate Property Transfer Attorney

A real estate property transfer is the process of transferring ownership rights from one party to another. A transfer could involve land, a residential home, a commercial building and any other type of real estate. To make the process legally binding in Texas, a deed must be drafted and signed to confirm the transfer of ownership. Crucially, as property is usually of significant value, it is important to work with experienced attorneys to protect your interests throughout the transfer.

An Overview of the Property Transfer Process

The process begins with your attorney creating a deed containing all necessary legal requirements. This document will outline pertinent details about the property, including the boundaries and any rights held by the property owner. Next, both parties can sign the documents, with a notary certifying the signatures. The deed can then be filed in the county land records, along with a small fee to the county clerk. If you don’t use a real estate attorney, you could have items that were addressed in the real estate contract negotiations that are overlooked.

There are a number of deeds used for a real estate property transfer. Some common deeds your attorney may create include the following:

  • General warranty deed – Guarantees the buyer that there are no title claims against the property.
  • Special warranty deed – Similar to a general warranty deed, but only confirms good title starting with the current seller.
  • Quitclaim deed – Releases seller’s claim of title without offering the buyer further protections.

Common Questions About Real Estate Property Transfer

Working with a real estate property transfer attorney will reduce the need for real estate litigation. Drafting errors could result in a future sale being contested, leading to costly and time-consuming legal challenges.

The deed should include buyer and seller identification and signatures, relevant information about the property, and legal confirmation that the document is a deed.

If you do not have the most recent deed, you can request it from the county clerk’s office. The deed is useful for checking property lines and any rights afforded to the owner.

Real Estate Property Transfer Services in McKinney and North Texas

A real estate property transfer can seem like a complicated process, but the attorneys at Lucé Law, PC will guide you in your pursuit of a successful resolution. We can answer your questions and complete all stages required to execute a deed transfer. For a free legal consultation, call (972) 632-1300 or request help online.

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