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Lucé Law – Carrollton Legal Services

At Lucé Law, PC, our attorneys can help with a diverse number of legal issues. Areas such as estate planning, civil litigation, criminal law and business law are all part of our full-service law firm. We provide the people and companies of Carrollton with our complete dedication whether the case is large or small.

Business, Family & Personal Law Firm in Carrollton

If you have a legal matter that needs resolving, our attorneys can offer advice, guidance and representation in court where required. Matters including misdemeanor charges, child custody, and probate are all within our scope. Here are some of the main practice areas we can help with.

Business Law

Whether you are a new startup requiring help with business formation or an established company dealing with commercial litigation, our attorneys can help. Businesses in Carrollton will receive experienced guidance and representation in matters such as debt collection, non-disclosure agreements, and labor and employment law.

At Lucé Law, PC we always aim for an amicable resolution that doesn’t require expensive and difficult lawsuits and trials. But where business litigation is the only option, we will defend your company and legal rights in the strongest manner.


A deep understanding of Texas civil law is crucial for successfully resolving a civil litigation case. The attorneys at Lucé Law, PC are experienced in building claims or defending against them. We can assist with breach of contract, medical malpractice, property disputes, defamation and more.

If you have suffered negligence or misconduct in areas such as real estate, business, personal injury and employment, we can negotiate a fair settlement. Similarly, if you are facing a claim against you as an individual, we work diligently to gain a positive outcome.

Criminal Law

Our criminal law attorneys can provide legal representation across a range of criminal charges. We can defend you against such charges as assault, DUI, fraud, drug offenses and white-collar crimes.

It can be incredibly stressful facing misdemeanor and felony charges. Our Carrollton criminal law attorneys will help you navigate each stage of a case, ensuring you have the best protection and receive a fair trial.

Estate Planning and Probate

Estate planning is an essential process for protecting your assets and providing for your family. Our attorneys can create living wills and trusts that offer assurances over inheritance distribution, guardianship, funeral arrangements and other factors.

Estate Planning Services

Family Law

At Lucé Law, PC, we work with families in Carrollton and the Dallas-Fort Worth area on all family law matters. Our areas of focus include adoption procedures, child custody agreements, divorce settlements and much more. Our attorneys are acutely aware of the personal nature of these legal matters, and will attempt to find amicable solutions – and effective resolutions – to all issues.

Types of Family Law We Assist With

Additional Practice Areas

Lucé Law, PC is a full-service law firm. Some of the additional practice areas we cover include the following.

Experienced Attorneys Helping Carrollton Residents

At Lucé Law, PC we are committed to helping the residents of Carrollton resolve legal disagreements. If you have a legal issue of any kind, get in touch for advice. You can get a free legal consultation by calling (972) 632-1300 or requesting help online.

Legal Practice Areas

Joe Lucé represents individuals dealing with the repercussions of personal injuries, auto accidents, slip and fall injuries and wrongful death.
Personal Injury

Personal Injury

Our experience dealing with personal injury claims means we know how to get results.

wrongful Death attorney

Wrongful Death

The loss of a loved one is compounded when it’s the result of wrongful death.

Slip and Fall Injuries

Slip and Fall Injuries

Slip and fall accidents occur regularly in commercial buildings, workplaces, stores and malls.

Auto Accidents

Auto Accidents

Auto accidents are frequently preventable, with distracted drivers, vehicle malfunctions and other conditions to blame.