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Bus, plane and train accidents are not a daily occurrence in Texas. When these sorts of accidents do occur the injuries are usually severe, due to the design of mass transit vehicles. When riding as a passenger on a bus. train, plane or even a taxi, your safety and the safety of your fellow passengers is regulated by laws governing what are called “common carriers.”

In order to operate legally, common carriers must follow state and federal regulations, which were enacted to benefit the general public. Common carriers are required to operate with the highest degree of care, knowledge and safety in the transport of passengers to their final destinations.

In the course of your trip, if you crossed a state line, the compensation for your injuries from an accident may involve the laws of the states you have traveled within and the federal government. Attorney Joe Lucé knows if the bus, train, or plane was operated by a city or by a transit authority owned by a government agency there can be restrictions on claims, particularly on the statute of limitations.  Let Joe guide your case, you and your loved ones to a successful resolution of your injuries and losses.

If you or a family member have been involved in an accident with a common carrier, there are things you will need to see to:

  • Do obtain any documents that prove you purchased transportation on the common carrier in question on the date of accident.  A boarding pass or receipt for the purchase is considered adequate proof.
  • Do not discuss your case or accept any type of compensation from the carrier or the carrier’s insurer.
  • Do take any pictures possible at the scene of the accident.
  • Do take pictures of any injuries you received.
  • Do obtain the name of the person or persons who operated the common carrier involved in the accident. If you are injured in bus accident, try and obtain the driver’s name and drivers license number.
  • Do obtain the names and any contact information from any people who witnessed or were involved in the accident.

All injury claims arising from common carrier crashes have time limitations. Tort claim notices to governmental agencies and the filing of suits must occur within the time constraints or the claim will be barred. These time constraints and the preliminary written tort claim notices vary widely depending upon the location of the crash, the residence of the injured parties, the residence of the survivors, and more. If your crash did not occur recently, it is strongly recommended that you contact our offices and make arrangements for a no cost consultation with Joe.

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