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Texas Teen Critically Injured in Rodeo Accident

Late last month, a young teen, Lexi Liles, was injured in a rodeo accident in Fort Worth. The incident in question took place at a high school rodeo competition in north Fort Worth, near North Main Street and Northwest Loop 820. Lexi Liles was riding her horse during a steer undressing event, in which she was attempting to pull a single ribbon off a running steer. Toward the end, the steer turned, clipping her horse, and throwing Lexi to the ground. Her horse rolled over on top of her, knocking her unconscious.

Texas Teen Critically Injured in Rodeo Accident
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The Accident

Thankfully, two paramedics who were staffing the rodeo competition were able to provide emergency care. Liles was then rushed to a nearby hospital for further treatment.

At the time, Liles was not wearing her helmet. Contestants have the option to wear a cowboy hat or helmet during their competition, according to the rulebook. Of course, parents must sign a release before anyone may participate in the event.

Officials declined to comment on the accident. They did ask competitors to wear a turquoise ribbon – Liles’ favorite color – in support of her.

Personal Injury

Accidents such as this are all too common. It takes just one slip or one fall to cause considerable damage – internally or externally. In this case, the competition’s organizers could have taken precautions to ensure the utmost safety of all participants. For example, making a helmet a static rule is not a bad idea.

If you’re injured in any type of accident, consider speaking with an experienced attorney – someone who handles personal injury cases on a daily basis. You’ll have a better chance of fighting for your rights and proper compensation for injuries or damages.

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