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The Adoption Process in Texas

Adoption Process TexasThe Texas Department of Family and Protective Services (DFPS) provides three categories of adoptions: private, international and Child Protective Services, a division of DFPS. The adoption process in Texas is a complicated one that requires the guidance of a McKinney family attorney. Lucé Law, PC offers the services of experienced adoption attorneys who can guide you through the process.

DFPS indicates that private adoptions are usually limited to newborns, and international adoptions may involve newborns as well. Children who are removed from homes that pose risks to their well being are available for adoption through Child Protective Services.

Working Through the Process

Texas adoption law requires many steps that have specific requirements for adoptive parents. The steps that are defined by DFPS include these:

  • home study – As one of the most important aspects of the adoption process, home study includes visits from a caseworker. Visits are intended to evaluate your home as an appropriate environment for a child.
  • matching – In an open adoption, you get to meet the birth parents and establish an on-going relationship if you so choose. In a closed adoption, you receive general information about the child’s family, but you are not allowed to know the identity of family members.
  • support services regarding placement – Continuing support through conversations and visitations give you an opportunity prior to placement, during placement and through post-placement to voice any reservations that you may have.
  • adoption finalization – Your attorney at Lucé Law, PC can assist you through one of the most fulfilling events in adopting a child. Together you can work through requirements that involve the termination of the birth parents’ rights and other legal matters.
  • post-adoption counseling – Adoption law in Texas law requires counseling services that follow the finalization of adoption.

Guidance for Adoptive Parents

As you approach the possibility of adopting a child, you can have a free consultation at Lucé Law, PC for assistance in making your decision. Your attorney can help you understand the legal requirements and assist you in a transition to parenthood. Call Lucé Law, PC at (972) 632-1300 or contact us online to schedule an appointment.

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