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Tips for Safe Summer Driving

When you are having fun in the sun, it is important to think about safe summer driving. Every year in the United States, thousands of people are killed or seriously injured in car accidents. Practicing safe summer driving techniques could prevent many of these deaths and injuries. Lucé Law, PC has put together a basic list of the best tips for safe summer driving.

Pay Attention

Paying attention seems like such a common sense safety tip, but with phones, texting, social media, and streaming music, there are a million things that can take your attention off the road. When you are driving, put your phone out of reach and do not text unless you have reached your destination. A text message or phone call is not worth your life.

Do Not Drink and Drive

More car accident fatalities occur due to people driving under the influence of alcohol. When you are drinking, plan for a ride back with a sober friend, taxi, or riding service like Uber or Lyft. If a drunk driver hits you, ensure that you are safe, call for help, and do not approach the drunk driver. They may act irrationally and put you and others in danger.

Give Trucks Space

Some of the most devastating car accidents occur between large trucks and cars. Larger trucks have more blind spots and cannot stop as quickly. The force behind a truck is much more than a typical car. Do not drive closely to large trucks and give them plenty of space to maneuver. There are more trucks on the road during the summer, so remember to respect their space when you are on the road.

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