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Top Causes of Winter Personal Injuries and How to Avoid Them

Hit and Run Homicide in GarlandUnfortunately, winter is a very common time to sustain a personal injury. Personal injuries are caused by negligence, and since people are not perfect all the time, injuries often occur. However, there are common personal injuries that happen over the holidays. If you identify the causes, you can perhaps avoid them. Lucé Law, PC wants our clients to be safe during winter, so let’s discuss the top causes of winter personal injuries, and how you can avoid them.

#1 Car Accidents

Winter is a peak time for car accidents. Essentially, it is the perfect storm between icy and rainy weather, more people on the roads for holiday travel, and people drinking at parties. This causes a big spike in accidents, particularly the end of December and beginning of January.

How to Avoid: Try to drive during the day and avoid the roads late at night. If the weather becomes dangerous to drive in, try to wait it out until conditions improve. If you must drive during peak accident times, be aware of your surroundings and drive safely. If you are drinking, find a designed driver, take a cab, or utilize a ride-share service to get home.

#2 Slip and Fall Accidents

With ice on the ground during the winter, slip and fall accidents are rampant. Ice can build up when property owners have not properly salted or irrigated walkways.

How to Avoid: To prevent slip and fall accidents, really pay attention to your step when there are icy conditions. You can also wear anti-slip footwear that will lessen the risk of slipping.

#3 Product Injury

With people being gifted all sorts of products, it is not uncommon for at least 1% of those products to be unsafe. These poorly designed products or manufacturer flaws can cause severe injuries to those who use them.

How to Avoid: Thoroughly research the proper use of a product. If you notice that the product is not working as advertised, contact the manufacturer right away.

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