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Tragic West Dallas Collision Kills Three Children

Police are investigating a crash in West Dallas that claimed the lives of three small children, all under the age of 13. Maricela Mendoza’s sedan was slammed into by a speeding car when she was turning at, what she believed to be, a clear intersection. Although Maricela and her 13-year-old daughter survived, a family now has to grieve the tragic loss of their family members. Although police do not currently believe that alcohol or drugs were a factor in the crash, the driver of the speeding car will now face three counts of criminally negligent homicide.

What to Do If You Are in a Crash?

Being in a car accident can be a terrifying and traumatic experience. However, having the knowledge and information about what to do when you are in a crash can help you to take the correct steps and feel control over the situation. The first step after any accident is to stay calm and to make sure that you or your passengers do not have any serious injury. If someone does have a serious injury, call 911 immediately. If you do not have any immediate medical needs, it is still important that a medical professional evaluates you and your passengers within a day or two following the accident. Although you may feel no pain initially, injuries and bruising can show up days or even weeks following an accident.

Retain Legal Representation

Once you have ensured that you and your passengers’ medical needs have been taken care of and documented, it may be time to retain legal representation. By seeking out legal expertise, you can ensure that you are treated fairly and that your rights are preserved within the justice system. Attorney Joe Lucé has over twenty-five years of experience in personal injury lawsuits and catastrophic cases across the Dallas metro area. We will work hard to serve your best interests and to make sure that you receive an outcome that is fair and cost efficient.

If you have been injured in a car wreck and need legal help, contact Attorney Joe Lucé at Lucé Law, PC online today or call (972) 632-1300 to schedule your initial consultation.


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