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Two Anna Teenagers Died in a Collin County Pileup

Two Anna Teenagers Died in a Collin County Pileup
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Two Anna teenagers died in a Collin County pileup Tuesday that also hospitalized a mother and her baby, who was delivered after the crash, family members say.

Abigail Kendall and Brianna Gesino, both 15, were among four people who died in the crash on State Highway 121, state troopers said. One was enrolled at Anna High School, and the other was a former student there. The teens were co-workers at a local Italian restaurant.

Two accounts have been opened at the Anna branch of Texas Star Bank: one to help pay for the funeral expenses for Brianna and another in Abigail’s name to aid the Anna High School Band. Donations also can be made at Joe’s Italian Bistro, where Brianna and Abigail worked.

“They were very cheery people, full of life, always smiling,” said Cindy Garcia, a co-worker of Brianna and Abigail at Joe’s.

Two more Anna High students — Kenney and Zoe Wilson, who was driving the car the teenagers were in — were injured in the crash east of the town of Westminster.

Kenney and Zoe, both 16, were taken to Medical City McKinney.

Also killed in the crash were Julie Trimble and her husband, Wayne Trimble, both 51. The couple were from Ivanhoe in Fannin County.

Their 24-year-old daughter, Heather Trimble, was driving. She was taken to Medical City Plano, and her 4-year-old daughter, Matilda, was flown to Children’s Medical Center in Dallas, the family said.

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