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What Are Misdemeanor Offenses?

What Are Misdemeanor Offenses
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A misdemeanor is a type of criminal offense considered less severe than a felony but more serious than an infraction. Misdemeanors are typically punishable by fine and incarceration in a local jail, unlike infractions which include zero jail time. Most jurisdictions will separate misdemeanors into three categories: high or gross, ordinary, and petty. Petty misdemeanors generally include a jail sentence of fewer than six months and a fine of no more than $500.

Flexible Treatment of Misdemeanors

Legislatures often use broad charging and sentencing methods for criminal conduct that requires punishment. They will usually combine a fine assessed for a misdemeanor with an incarceration period given for a felony. Some states, such as California, have new felony sentencing realignment laws in place, imposing months in a county jail instead of multi-year prison sentencing for nonviolent felonies.

In other states, sentencing is up to the discretion of the district attorney or local judge, who may choose to pursue harsher punishment for a single criminal matter. Once the sentencing is determined, appropriate rights and consequences are attached to the charge.

Common Types of Misdemeanor Offenses

Committing a misdemeanor does not always incur jail time, though it will have a negative impact on job hunting, locating an apartment, receiving a loan, or obtaining an advantage from other privileges or services. Because of this, it’s recommended that anyone charged with a misdemeanor hire an attorney, regardless of severity.

Some common types of misdemeanor offenses which may require legal help include:

  •          Basic Assault
  •          Indecent Exposure
  •          Public Intoxication
  •          Trespassing
  •          Petty Theft

Each bears its own consequences, and each offense may be interpreted differently by a district attorney and court, especially indecent exposure.

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