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What Can a Financial Lawyer Help Me With?

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Financial law is a broad field that deals with legal issues associated with finance. With finance being an integral component of many business and personal decisions, a financial attorney must therefore have a wide area of focus. From helping businesses navigate complex banking regulations to dealing with insurance issues, your McKinney financial lawyer will be a close ally as you work to protect your assets. Here are some of the main areas where a financial lawyer can be of assistance.

4 Ways a Financial Lawyer Helps Clients

With financial law covering an array of legal challenges, it can be useful to work with a full-service law firm like Lucé Law, PC. Financial law may be used in everything from a commercial acquisition to a divorce settlement. Therefore, having a legal team well-versed in financial matters is often crucial. The following is just a selection of areas where financial law is a necessity.

1. Bank Loans

Financial lawyers help clients through the process of securing loans and mortgages, while also handling disputes. In addition, a financial attorney may represent banks and other financial institutions in dealing with complex regulations. Because commercial loans and transactions are subject to laws and regulations, each side of the agreement will employ financial attorneys throughout the process.

2. Insurance Issues

Insurance is a crucial service used by individuals and businesses to protect themselves and reduce exposure to risk. However, insurance documents can be complicated and may be open to interpretation or dispute. A financial lawyer can explain the details of an insurance policy and help deal with disagreements after a claim. Experienced financial attorneys apply a precise understanding of relevant state laws within a detail-oriented approach.

3. Real Estate Law

Buying, selling or renting a property involves many legal agreements that are linked to finances. An experienced lawyer will ensure you are protected throughout the process, including during difficult foreclosures. A financial lawyer may work with a real estate lawyer or have an area of focus that covers both disciplines.

4. Securing Finance

One thing to consider when hiring a business lawyer is whether you need to secure finances. You may require finance for property, project development or company acquisitions, and need the support of a financial lawyer throughout the process. Conversely, if you are a lender, you will want help drafting documents for loans and financing. In the unfortunate circumstances where disputes arise, a financial lawyer and business law attorney may be required to represent clients during often-complex lawsuits.

Get Legal Advice From Financial Lawyers in McKinney

Lucé Law, PC provides financial law services to individuals and businesses in North Texas. If you need advice and representation from experienced financial lawyers in McKinney, contact us today. For assistance, call (972) 632-1300 or request a free legal consultation now.

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