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What Percentage of My Income Will Go Towards Child Support?

what percentage of my income will go towards child support

Good parents want to do what they can to take care of their child. When you and the other parent are no longer together, this may mean you are required to pay child support. Child support goes directly to taking care of the child’s basic day-to-day needs. In Texas, there is a particular formula the court will use to calculate how much you are required to pay on a monthly basis for guideline child support. If you have a question regarding your specific calculation, you need to contact an attorney at Lucé Law, PC. They will be able to look at your income and provide you with the amount the court may likely order you to pay.

How to Estimate Monthly Child Support Payments

To estimate your monthly child support payment, you will need to calculate the average net monthly resources. First, you need to know your (or the paying parent’s) gross annual income without deductions. Include revenue from all sources unless it is from temporary assistance or foster care payments. There may be other types of income that may not be counted as gross income. Make sure to discuss this with your attorney.

Divide your gross annual income by 12 to get your gross monthly income. You will then want to subtract any state and federal taxes, union dues, or the child’s health insurance payment or medical expenses.

Texas Child Support Guidelines

Once you have calculated your monthly net resources, you can apply that number to this chart to get an estimate child support payment. All this information is also available on the Texas Attorney General’s website.

  • One Child                  20% of net resources
  • Two Children            25% of net resources
  • Three Children         30% of net resources
  • Four Children           35% of net resources
  • Five Children            40% of net resources
  • Six Children              Not less than 40% of net resources

There is a maximum cap for paying child support, which should be discussed with your attorney.

If you would like more information regarding child support, contact our experienced family law attorneys online or call Lucé Law, PC today at (972) 632-1300 to schedule your free consultation.

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