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What Should I Ask When Hiring a Family Law Attorney?

Questions for a McKinney family law firm.
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Family law typically involves legal issues that are emotionally and financially challenging. For families in McKinney and across Texas, dealing with divorce, child custody, child support and adoption can place a serious strain on their daily lives. Therefore, before you hire a family law attorney, you should ask some important questions to ensure you receive the support you need.

What Are the Main Questions to Ask a Family Law Attorney?

The start of any family law case begins with a consultation. During this time, you can talk confidentially to an attorney about your legal matters and goals for the case. At Lucé Law, PC, we provide a free legal consultation where you can ask questions, including the following.

What Is Your Experience in Similar Family Law Cases?

Family law cases can vary considerably, with different approaches required for child custody, divorce, child support and other issues. It is certainly worth asking whether an attorney has experience in the area of family law that’s related to your situation, including appearing in court for contested hearings and trials. You can then determine if they have the knowledge and success rate to handle your case.

What Approach Will You Take?

Experienced family law attorneys should be able to quickly gather the details of your case and offer recommendations. After examining your situation, is your attorney recommending annulment or divorce or some other alternative? Do they anticipate that there will be a need for a hearing before a judge or even a trial? Are they eager to proceed to litigation? Understanding the approach your attorney favors will help you decide if you share similar ideals.

What Are My Options for Achieving a Resolution?

An attorney will detail your options for achieving a successful resolution to the situation. These options typically include an informal settlement process, mediation, or litigation of the issues before a judge. Divorce, child custody, establishing paternity and other areas of law will require different strategies. Additionally, your individual rights and willingness to negotiate a resolution will affect the approach your attorney takes.

How Much Will a Family Law Attorney Cost?

Family law attorney costs will inevitably vary depending on the complexity of the case and the willingness of the other party to cooperate. However, when you provide some initial details, an attorney should be able to offer some guidance on an estimated cost. It is worth bearing in mind that successful resolution of a legal matter in the present can save a lot of unnecessary expense in the future.

Are Your Attorneys Discrete and Sensitive to My Issues?

Family law issues are often sensitive and emotional. Therefore, you will want to work with lawyers who offer discretion and sensitivity without judgment. Issues like child custody or divorce, for example, are usually experienced at a difficult time in a client’s life. Facing separation, adoption and paternity cases are more manageable when you have a supportive attorney by your side.
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