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What To Do If A Trustee Has Mishandled Funds

What To Do If A Trustee Has Mishandled Funds
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The mishandling of funds by a trustee is an all too common occurrence. When an executor of a trust raids the resources, and uses them to their own advantage, some families feel lost. They are unsure of how to move forward, legally, against someone they trusted so well. A trust is set up to ensure living members of the family have financial security when the need arises. If the funds have been exhausted, many are left in the dust. You have options, though.

Legal Help

Should a trustee mishandle funds, you can absolutely file a lawsuit and press charges. In this case, the situation would be handled in a civil lawsuit or probate court. An experienced attorney who understands estate legislation will represent you and yours to effectively sue the trustee for mishandling the funds of a trust. The process can be tiresome, which is why you want an attorney on your side.

Depending on the circumstances, and any documented evidence you have thus far acquired, you could press charges with the District Attorney. Most often, this situation is dealt with in probate court, and the trustee is forced to pay severe damages. That is if you can prove your side of the case.

Regardless, an attorney should be your first and last stop!

The Right Attorney

When you are in need of a law firm that sympathizes and has your best interests in mind, you need someone like Lucé Law. The right attorney – one with experience in estate legislation – will cover your back and help through the entire legal process. Money should not be the deciding factor when locating quality legal services. Your case should be, and here it is!

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