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Why Would I Need an Intellectual Property Lawyer?

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The ability to protect ideas, innovations and inventions is a very important part of conducting business. Unfortunately, without the legal support of an intellectual property lawyer, individuals or companies can find their rights and recognition as a creator can be threatened. Many types of businesses rely on intellectual property (IP) for their success and longevity. Therefore, if you create anything that could receive trademark, patent, copyright or trade secret protection, a McKinney IP attorney will add value to your business and its intellectual assets.

Main Reasons for Hiring a McKinney Intellectual Property Lawyer

While a general practice attorney can advise you on many areas of the law, an IP attorney has a deeper understanding of a business’ intellectual property rights and how to protect them. Here are some of these areas of focus.

Advice on IP Law

From businesses developing machinery or apps to artists creating music or visual art, IP is central to gaining a return on your investment and protecting your business’ resources. However, intellectual property law can be difficult to understand. As one might expect, there are various complexities regarding patent, trademark or copyright applications as well as defending trade secrets. For instance, when multiple creators are involved they may not understand the potential hazards that exist; plus, rules and procedure may differ depending on the circumstances. An IP lawyer will ensure you receive accurate advice for claiming ownership, and revenue for unauthorized use.

Dealing With IP Infringements

Intellectual property infringements are common for successful businesses, but there is no set approach for dealing with such cases. You may decide that a minor copyright infringement is not worth the effort to pursue, or you could safeguard your hard work by taking a proactive approach. By hiring IP attorneys to help with DMCA takedown requests, unauthorized use of your trademarks and other IP issues, you can develop processes that protect your reputation, income – and your continued ability to innovate.

Guidance During the IP Application Process

Depending on the technology involved, the time frame involved in the IP protection process can vary. Patent applications often take more than a year to complete and face hurdles from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office as well as competitors. During this process, your IP lawyer can answer questions and give guidance to ensure a successful outcome, and is integral to obtaining the proper IP protections for your business. Should you want to find out what constitutes intellectual property and whether you are at risk of infringing on another’s IP rights, your attorney can help here as well.

Industry-Specific IP Knowledge

Intellectual property lawyers are required for a wide range of industries, and each field will present specific challenges. The broad knowledge supplied by experienced IP lawyers can be applied to media, digital technology, industrial design, sciences, brand names and many other areas. In some cases the value of protecting IP may not be immediately obvious to the creator, but an experienced IP lawyer can identify issues the creator may be unaware of – and demonstrate how to protect and maximize benefits from the IP asset.

Document Drafting

Reliable document drafting will enable you to profit from IP long into the future, and also to protect yourself from infringements. A business law attorney focused on intellectual property law can draft documents for patent and trademark applications, licensing agreements, trade secret protection and other aspects of IP law.

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